Chamak Epoxy Pigment

Brighter, glossier, and uniform colour spread – that’s the Chamak experience!

The Chamak epoxy pigment paste is an international grade colourant ideal for all kinds of epoxy- based applications – including Epoxy Casting and Epoxy Floor Coating. Get amazing adhesion and stable dispersion along with heat, electrical, and chemical resistant properties.

Chamak epoxy pigments are crafted through a deep mixing of pigment powders into the saturated polymeric plasticizers. They care created through exothermic epoxy cross linking at elevated temperatures. They can be easily mixed with all epoxy systems.


Chamak epoxy pigment paste is highly useful for electrical and electronic industry for encapsulation, PCBs, electrical castings, and switchgear panels. Our epoxy pigments can be effectively used for storage space floors where chemical and abrasion resistance is necessary. Contact Chamak Paint & Coating for high-strength and high-durability epoxy pigments.

And yes, they can be mixed through hand stirring in small quantity but for larger ones, you need power stirring!

Get precise colour shade with our huge range of Chamak epoxy pigments - as per BS, IS, RAL standard chart, or other customized colour shades.

Range Of Colours


Buy Chamak Epoxy Pigment Pastes for dust-free and non-skid finish. Chamak Paint & Coating offers the best quality Epoxy Pigment Pastes in India.

  • Usage / Application : Epoxy Casting, Epoxy Floor Coating, Epoxy Painting and Epoxy Grouting
  • Packaging Size : 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 50 Kg
  • Purity : As Per TDS Standards
  • Colour : As Per RAL and Pantone Shade Card
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