We are serving many industries

Chemical Industry

Cooling Towers, Process Plant Equipment, Pressure / Vaccum Vessels and Containers, Chemical Tanks, Filtration Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Flume Hoods in Research Labs, Smoke Stack Air Scrubbers, Vacuum Filter Nutsches, Reaction Vessels, Reactors, Storage Tanks Exhaust Blowers

Electrical Industry

Industrial Insulations / Casings, Electric Poles, Switch Gear Boxes, Electrical Housings, Printed Circuit Boards etc.

Marine Industry

Leisure Boats, Fishing Boats, Naval Boats, Ship Construction, Decks and Masts, Yatchs, FPR Marine Gratings

Aerospace & Automotive

Aircraft Bodies, Flooring, Aircraft Structural Parts, Fuel Tanks and Structural Frames, Wings, Helicopter Blades, Cargo Liners, Space Equipment, Rocket Bodies, Missile Housing, Car Bodies, Heavy Trucks, School Buses, Fenders, Mufflers, Dashboard, Spoilers, Canopies, Railway Components

Electrical Utility Items

Composites have excellent FR properties in addition to being light, and having excellent strength and hence a natural choice for many Electrical Utility items such as Transformer housings, Electrical castings, PCB Boards, street lighting poles

Recreational / Consumer

Amusement Park Facades & Equipment, Specialty Furniture, Decorative Wall Covering, Reinforced Facings & Architectural Items, Sculptures, Snowboards, Skis, Surf Boards, Protective Gear & Helmets, Fishing Rods, Goal Posts, Flag Masts, Pleasure Boats, Hockey Sticks, Baseball Bats, Bathtubs & Jacuzzi

Renewable Energy

Wind Turbine Components Such as Nacelle Covers, Solar Energy Components Such as Dishes and Housing

Construction Industry

Structural Frames & Bridges, Doors & Windows, Flooring & Tiles, Table Top Laminates, Roofing Lights, Scrim, Sheets & Tiles, Mobile Dwellings, Portable Toilets, Water Tanks, Ladders, Fences, Domes, Pergolas, Effluent Disposal, Dredging Pipes, Structural Items, Composite Façade Panels, Ventilation Duct, Bathware Items, Refrigerated Transports, Railroad Cars, Cold Storage Warehouses, Dairies, Commercial Kitchens and Food Processing Plants

Epoxy Flooring & Grouting

Bopp Tapes & Rubber Industries

We are a leading manufacturer of Acralic Pigments Pastes. Our products find great usage in Bopp, Rubber and Other Allied Industries for Coating

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