Quality Performance

Chamak Colourants are formulated with a high loading of dry organic and inorganic pigment dispersions are free from plasticizers.

Light Fastness :

Chamak Colourants exhibit best light fastness and will not fade away on exposure to sunlight.

UV Resistance :

FRP Moulding manufactured using sheet molding compounds are usually proceses at elevated temperature of 160°c to 200°c or higher. We supply special polyester pigments for coloring these moldings.

Chemical Resistance :

The compatibility of pigments to chemicals depends on the material Compounds of the pigments.

Electrical Properties :

Polyester moldings are used to a large extent in electrical applications. Chamak Colourants can be offered to electric applications and have no adverse effects on track resistance, surface resistivity, di-electric strength and other insulation properties.

Toxicity :

The toxicity of Pigments depends on the raw materials used in the formulation. We can recommend a choice of pigments depending on your requirements.

Solublity :

Chamak Colourants are specially formulated in such a way that it can be easily soluble in epoxy system, Polyurethane (PUR and PU) system, unsaturated polyster system & many more.

Quality Policy

CHAMAK PAINT & COATING PRIVATE LIMITED Is an ISO 9001:2015 is committed to satisfy it’s customers through safe products and assured timely delivery. Chamak paint & coating pvt ltd will constantly try to improve it’s performance through new technology, effective implementation of system and hard work.

Customer Satisfaction :

Ensuring that our customers are satisfied is incredibly important to us as a business, which is why we regularly check that we are meeting their needs.

We are continually working to improve product quality and supply reliability as well as our service, in order to further increase customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is an important tool that we can use to improve ourselves.

Employees :

Our employees are our most valuable asset. They have been chosen for their professional skills and personal qualities, and receive regular training for their continuous professional development. We encourage proactivity and responsibility at every level in the company hierarchy.

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